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Riding the tide: Which Vanguard funds I’m adding to

Just 6 days have past, and my Vanguard funds (equities+bonds) have rebound from -17% to -9%. A slight silent relief (i.e. my equities are up £1.3k since 6 days ago), yet also a reminder for those waiting for a buying opportunity that the market waits for no one! And of course, we are in turbulent… Continue reading Riding the tide: Which Vanguard funds I’m adding to

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Financial Update: December & year end

Happy new year to all my readers and passers by. I hope those of you on your financial independence (FI) journey have celebrated your achievements this year. Although I've been a bit quieter than I wanted to be of late, I've noticed some people dropping by over the Christmas period, which has been appreciated! Anyway,… Continue reading Financial Update: December & year end

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Financial update: November 2019

The backdrop for the last month (and more) has been Political - from the largest university strike in the UK over pension, pay, work conditions and contracts straight into the cacophony of the UK general election - there's been no escaping it. The driving force behind both perhaps the capitalistic machine churning away, and the… Continue reading Financial update: November 2019

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Five things I’m taking a while to (un)learn

I was reading The Squirreler's post about important 'truths' she had to unlearn about money, work and financial independence (FI), which led me to reflect on my own relationship with money. I started thinking about the things I’ve had to unlearn, and I started constructing a kind-of list, but it didn’t sit quite right with… Continue reading Five things I’m taking a while to (un)learn


How to teach a young child money mindfulness

An important task as a parent is to help instill or foster life skills in your child so that they are equipped to stand on their own two feet eventually to make their own path in the world. We simply don’t yet know how the future will play out – the exact impacts of climate… Continue reading How to teach a young child money mindfulness

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Considering Property Investment and My FI plan – Part 1

Recently, I've been toying with the idea of investing in a property primarily as a way of growing my passive income in ‘old age’, something not exactly pleasant or exciting to think about but would probably be foolish for me to dismiss given that if we’re lucky enough, we’re likely to live to a ripe,… Continue reading Considering Property Investment and My FI plan – Part 1

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Financial update: October 2019

With another month and Halloween gone, has yours been more trick or treat? Life's got slightly less busy for me than when I last posted, but not with enough headspace yet to return to blog-mode. While I have a slight discomfort with having two adjacent monthly financial updates and no content in between, I'm just… Continue reading Financial update: October 2019

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Financial update: September 2019

I started this update stood at the bus stop on a sunny crisp morning wondering where the month went... To a lot of work I guess...a lot of life energy...making Jill a dull girl, no doubt! But it does mean not spending too much. 🙂 Except vending machines at work. Guilty on that count! That… Continue reading Financial update: September 2019