August goals

Idea 1: Writing a book

I’m not sure why but I’ve always identified as a writer for as long as I remember. I side with Will Wheaton’s role as Gordie LaChance in Stand By Me. I spent a section of my youth submitting poetry to a small publishing house, and I minored in creative writing at uni. But I’m rusty with fiction. I’m a prolific reader of non-fiction and I like researching stuff.

Though I’m certain I wanna write, every idea I’ve had seems to have been done already, unless it’s so obscure that no one wants to read it. Does that really matter? Note that the goal isn’t to get a book published. It wouldn’t hurt though!

I set myself 4 tasks for August:

1) Seriously look into and consider NaNoWriMo (it works with my inner competitive streak!)

This is an annual internet-based event, National Novel Writing Month, in which writers each create a 50,000 word novel. A friend did this some years ago and I’ve always liked the idea. That’s 1667 words a day. Hard to know if the time commitment needed is realistic when working full-time. Would I simply be giving vacant stares to my family while plotting the next chapter… for an entire month?

2) Brainstorm 5-10 non-fiction ideas (no need to research them yet; just free flow)

Every once in a while, an idea comes to me, I chew on it for a while, research it, then spit it out. This typically happens every 1 or 2 years. That’s a pretty slow rate of idea churning! So, I need to up the ante by clearing some headspace for this. This reminds me, there seem to be lots of books on the trials of being an introvert, but no one to stand up for the extrovert (I guess they’re too busy being vocal to write?).

3) Finish a book I’ve started reading about writing by Joanna Penn: How to Make A Living with Your Writing.

This is a no-nonsense book on my Kindle ‘bookshelf’ explaining how to publish with Amazon. Other books overtook one day (probably finance books, ha!) and it moved down my list. The aim (for me) is to explore whether publishing with Amazon could be one of my goals for Life 1.2. I’d forgotten the title name included blogs, so can’t say the book’s helped in the making of this one! (Sorry, Jo.)

4) Reflect on why I want to write and whether this urge could be encapsulated in another job or another Life 1.2 goal that could translate into an ‘ultimate’ FIRE’d activity.

Less concrete but this is perhaps the Life 1.2 idea (of my 5 ideas) that could best fit with another thing I want to do or interest. Could I perhaps write for a cause? Or consider writing a popular work that is in my work specialism? In another life, I’d be an international correspondent, maybe. Heheh, maybe I’m better at creating fiction than I thought? 😛

I’ll update at the end of the month…