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Which FI dinosaur are you?

Dinosaurs were arguably the original financially free creatures to roam the planet! Each creature had its own niche. Since 2020 Lockdown is getting a bit weary now, let’s go back to pre-history to find out which FI dino you are*… Tyrannosaurus Rex Fast-track in high-paying city career, multiple passive income streams and throwing a tonne… Continue reading Which FI dinosaur are you?

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Five things I’m taking a while to (un)learn

I was reading The Squirreler's post about important 'truths' she had to unlearn about money, work and financial independence (FI), which led me to reflect on my own relationship with money. I started thinking about the things I’ve had to unlearn, and I started constructing a kind-of list, but it didn’t sit quite right with… Continue reading Five things I’m taking a while to (un)learn

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Rethinking my FI strategy?

Since starting this blog, I worked out my approach to financial freedom. It's an exciting time, but I admit that the way I’m aiming for FI makes me feel a bit of a fraud in the FI world. I use what I’ll call here the conventional early retirement (ER) strategy, which put simply, is accumulating… Continue reading Rethinking my FI strategy?

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Financial update: August 2019

This month: Big savings rate boost, bond fund purchase, and closing in on my ISA limit. Hm, there’s been an unusual amount of positive movement in my financial situation given that nothing has changed with work! Most of it admittedly will take effect in next month's pay, but you know, I'm too excited (you know,… Continue reading Financial update: August 2019

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What exactly is inflation and how to beat it

Have you ever wondered how accurately inflation is measured but never really cared to look it up? Should financial plans for early retirement (FIRE) assume a 2.5% rate of inflation, as I’d done ? Here, I explore what the UK inflation rate is, what it means to FI plans, and ways in which we can… Continue reading What exactly is inflation and how to beat it

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The Journey So Far: Reflections & revelations

So, 3 weeks into blogging now…. And I’m really enjoying it! I’m grateful to all who stop by (that’s you!) and those who take a peruse around. It's starting to look like a blog now and not a few 'articles' that may fizzle out any moment. I’ve had my first non-promotive-type subscribers and comments. So,… Continue reading The Journey So Far: Reflections & revelations

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Luck and bias in the FI mindset

How many times did your stars align to help you toward your current financial status? I was reading The Ermine's well written post entitled 'FIRE is for the few not Many' , which discusses the important role of luck on the journey to financial independence (FI). I must agree, if you're aiming for FI, you're… Continue reading Luck and bias in the FI mindset