Thanks for dropping by. I’m Firelite. This blog is about my journey to Life 2*.

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Seeking Life 2.0

A lot of my philosophy aligns with financial independence / retire early concepts (commonly known as FI and FIRE). Yet beneath the tip of the FI-iceberg has to be a design for Life 2* – a term coined by Don Ezra to emphasise the process of the ‘retirement’ phase of life. .

Sneak a view of my approach here. My long-term aim is to be financially free to pursue some of my long-held/long-put-off passions and for a healthier life! I aim to achieve this by saving and investing in a diversified portfolio, and working out what I’d find fulfilling.

I’m an early-40’s full-time professional working at a northern British university. I’m married and have a toddler. Mr Firelite works in software; we have a joint account for bills but are otherwise happy keeping things separate; we like the personal accountability. So, this is my own blog; he’s roped in when I have tech issues! Also to note, we’re fairly frugal by nature and in the basic income tax bracket. More on our lifestyle and financials here.

My current life goal is to take ‘a midlife gap year’ (or two) to do what I want to do. But leaving my job is a scary step!

And only since planning this blog have I ‘joined the dots’ between wanting to take some time out to do what I want and my ‘final destination’ of Life 2.0. (aka FIRE). They’re not completely incompatible! It’s not simply an escapist/hedonistic dream!

I will be setting goals over the next 12 months to help me:

  • Figure out how to figure out what I want to do in my ‘time out’
  • Work out what skills to enhance to help get me there
Time for some life admin.

“The spirit of FI”

I guess I’ve felt a bit of a fraud to identify myself as an FIer, because of my yearning to take some time out. But since planning this blog, I’ve come to think that my actions are in the spirit of FI. It’s about maxing out premium time NOW (or soon!) With the benefits of having lived a little, while still being relatively young, healthy and enthusiastic for change…

The ‘midlife gap year’ will be a training ground for Life 2.0.

my aha moment

I aim to regularly blog about personal development and financial independence themes. None of the links on this blog are ‘affiliate’ links to generate an income.

I’ll track my finance stats on my Path to Life 2, and how I’m doing with working out what I’ll do in my Midlife Gap Year (aka Life 1.2).

My style of writing tends to be in-depth ponderings, sometimes taking a behavioural science or psychological slant, and I like to use relevant info or evidence to support my points where possible. I welcome any comments. Needless to say, none of my blog content constitutes financial advice, or any other life advice. Please check that any financial information I provide is accurate before considering the information fully for your own purposes, as I’m a mere human operating on less than optimal sleep and with no financial qualifications.

Ultimately, I am preparing my training ground for Life 2. Getting my proverbial trainers on… Wanna join? What does your Life 2 look like?

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The proverbial trainers. And did someone mention useful exercises?


*Not a reference to some kind of afterlife! Don Ezra’s acronym, ‘Life Two’ = Life After Full-Time Work, though for convenience, I refer to Life 1 as any pre-full FI lifestyle, with thanks to Fretful Finance for bringing this article/book to my attention. The article covers some questions which look like useful exercises!

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