Financial Independence update: June 2020

A breath of fresh air as lockdown lifts... The beautiful but burning sun of late, interspersed with shower after shower, is probably a fair analogy for something – maybe my mixed feelings over my work situation. But that aside, I’ve retained my high (82%) savings rate. Or if you like, 87% of take-home pay (this… Continue reading Financial Independence update: June 2020


Unlikely Topic of Conversation 1: Quantitative Easing

That feeling you should or think you kinda know something, but you don’t really know it. This is what this new occasional series* tries to address: I deconstruct and untangle to provide digestible personal finance-related nuggets for the regular person, which let’s face it, rarely come up as a topic of dinnertime conversation! At least… Continue reading Unlikely Topic of Conversation 1: Quantitative Easing