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Financial update: October 2019

With another month and Halloween gone, has yours been more trick or treat? Life's got slightly less busy for me than when I last posted, but not with enough headspace yet to return to blog-mode. While I have a slight discomfort with having two adjacent monthly financial updates and no content in between, I'm just… Continue reading Financial update: October 2019

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Financial update: August 2019

This month: Big savings rate boost, bond fund purchase, and closing in on my ISA limit. Hm, there’s been an unusual amount of positive movement in my financial situation given that nothing has changed with work! Most of it admittedly will take effect in next month's pay, but you know, I'm too excited (you know,… Continue reading Financial update: August 2019

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What’s better than happiness?

There's a lot written about happiness, and these days, we even search for life hacks to overcome “hedonic adaptation” – how you're initially very happy with a new situation or purchase but soon return to your 'happiness set point’*. Happiness sells. And you can see why; it's the prototypical, unadulterated positive emotion. Who wouldn't want… Continue reading What’s better than happiness?

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The secret life of an FIer

Over the last year, I've been reading lots of FI* books and blogs, squirreling away ideas and mulling them over in my head. There were some good principles, but frankly I wasn't sure how to implement what I was learning as actually I wanted to take a year out... I wanted to be FI now!… Continue reading The secret life of an FIer