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Financial update: October 2019

With another month and Halloween gone, has yours been more trick or treat? Life's got slightly less busy for me than when I last posted, but not with enough headspace yet to return to blog-mode. While I have a slight discomfort with having two adjacent monthly financial updates and no content in between, I'm just… Continue reading Financial update: October 2019

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Midlife schmidlife: An honest meditation

How do I feel about this gradually changing me? It's easy to forget that no life transition is easy. Teenhood, adulthood... Teething problems to say the least! But unlike those other times, 'midlife' conjures up much less little excitement for a life unwritten, especially from an agecentric young person's perspective. I must accept this reality,… Continue reading Midlife schmidlife: An honest meditation

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Can YOU predict your future financial needs?

I’ve had a few days to let my numbers sink in now. That's since this happened. I knew I had some savings. I knew I had a relatively generous pension. I was knee-deep in researching SIPPs to divert my savings tax-efficiently* into passive tracker funds that are inaccessible until 57 years (for me anyway). Tax… Continue reading Can YOU predict your future financial needs?