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What’s better than happiness?

There's a lot written about happiness, and these days, we even search for life hacks to overcome “hedonic adaptation” – how you're initially very happy with a new situation or purchase but soon return to your 'happiness set point’*. Happiness sells. And you can see why; it's the prototypical, unadulterated positive emotion. Who wouldn't want… Continue reading What’s better than happiness?

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My unwritten rules for living (frugally)

I was planning to blog about frugality. Taking in the bigger pictures, this got me thinking about certain unwritten rules I generally abide by that have got me to the stage I'm at now on my Path to Life 2. I say unwritten rules, because it’s only by reading about those early in their FI… Continue reading My unwritten rules for living (frugally)

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Can YOU predict your future financial needs?

I’ve had a few days to let my numbers sink in now. That's since this happened. I knew I had some savings. I knew I had a relatively generous pension. I was knee-deep in researching SIPPs to divert my savings tax-efficiently* into passive tracker funds that are inaccessible until 57 years (for me anyway). Tax… Continue reading Can YOU predict your future financial needs?