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The twists and turns on My Path to Life 2.0 all documented in my past blog posts here!

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‘Soul searching’

Finance-focused updates

  • August 2019 (world markets, bond index fund, free childcare hours)
  • October 2019 (Vanguard fee reduction, my failed savings rate, property thoughts)
  • November 2019 (the capitalist rat race, batch cooking lunches for freezing, personal revamp)
  • December / year end 2019 (update on FI stash & assets, half millionaire already?!)
  • February & March 2020 (lockdown, world markets fall, re-evaluating Life 1.2)
  • April 2020 (still locked down, 77% savings rate, switched bonds to equities)
  • May 2020 (index funds almost not negative, 82% savings rate, deposit for buy-to-let raised)
  • June 2020 (lockdown lifting, 82% SR again! Lean FI at 50?)

Earning the surplus time to eventually focus on me in a Meaningful Way. This includes realigning my relationships with the world. A bit like a life physio. That’s in short what I want out of financial independence (FI) / early retirement. 

From: Human Wholeness: In pursuit of FI