Financial Independence update: June 2020

A breath of fresh air as lockdown lifts... The beautiful but burning sun of late, interspersed with shower after shower, is probably a fair analogy for something – maybe my mixed feelings over my work situation. But that aside, I’ve retained my high (82%) savings rate. Or if you like, 87% of take-home pay (this… Continue reading Financial Independence update: June 2020


Financial independence update: May 2020

The sun is out, followed very closely by what feels like the near constant tune of the ice cream van, aaand lockdown is starting to relax. Consumer confidence may be sinking, but does that mean saving is on the rise? With Firelite Junior poised to return to nursery on Monday, change is certainly afoot. I’ve… Continue reading Financial independence update: May 2020

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Which FI dinosaur are you?

Dinosaurs were arguably the original financially free creatures to roam the planet! Each creature had its own niche. Since 2020 Lockdown is getting a bit weary now, let’s go back to pre-history to find out which FI dino you are*… Tyrannosaurus Rex Fast-track in high-paying city career, multiple passive income streams and throwing a tonne… Continue reading Which FI dinosaur are you?

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Do you need as much as you think to be financially independent?

Or another question I pose to myself this morning as I sit here with my coffee: If I had to live on what I have accumulated now, could I do so with some semblance of quality of life? Moments If you’re new to saving (or investing), then this may feel like a ludicrous question. But… Continue reading Do you need as much as you think to be financially independent?

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The thrill of a free share: Starting my mini share portfolio

So, I decided to set up a fun share portfolio. I'd read Weenie's recommendation a while back of Freetrade, a start-up company which offers free share dealing. With some form of lockdown likely to last a good while, I thought this was a good a time as any to explore the stockmarket directly. Plus, Freetrade… Continue reading The thrill of a free share: Starting my mini share portfolio

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Discoveries in lockdown: Lessons to take away…

"Unprecedented events create new experiences. What fun, misadventure, or positive discoveries have you encountered while locked down?"-Savings Ninja thought experiment -The Covid-19 Edition If you're not familiar with Savings Ninja's thought experiments, these hypothetical propositions appear every second month on his blog, and this is my first go at joining in with the fun. This… Continue reading Discoveries in lockdown: Lessons to take away…

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Riding the tide: Which Vanguard funds I’m adding to

Just 6 days have past, and my Vanguard funds (equities+bonds) have rebound from -17% to -9%. A slight silent relief (i.e. my equities are up £1.3k since 6 days ago), yet also a reminder for those waiting for a buying opportunity that the market waits for no one! And of course, we are in turbulent… Continue reading Riding the tide: Which Vanguard funds I’m adding to

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Financial Update: December & year end

Happy new year to all my readers and passers by. I hope those of you on your financial independence (FI) journey have celebrated your achievements this year. Although I've been a bit quieter than I wanted to be of late, I've noticed some people dropping by over the Christmas period, which has been appreciated! Anyway,… Continue reading Financial Update: December & year end